Marlene Dietrich

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The glamorous Marlene Dietrich (1901-1992) is one of the most enduring female icons of the twentieth century. Singing, dancing, acting, and, most importantly, being her own mysterious self, the Berlin born star captivated the imagination of everyone from Ernest Hemingway to Jacques Chirac.

Throughout her career as an actress, whether singing or simply speaking, Dietrich continued to use her voice as an instrument of enchantment. But it was on stage, with a song, that Dietrich's voice, and Dietrich herself, worked their most effective magic. Like the Lola whom she portrayed so memorably, Dietrich was two parts ice-queen and one part vamp, and she seemed to love to be in front of a crowd, seemingly in touch, and yet so distantly removed. Singing in a Paris nightclub, entertaining battle-weary soldiers, or performing at a Las Vegas cabaret--that is where, when one thinks of Dietrich, one imagines her to be.

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